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The Truth About Retire­ment Plans and IRAs

“This is the best retire­ment plan­ning book I have ever read.”

— David Bach, best­selling author of the Fin­ish Rich series

You work hard and save money as best you can, so you can one day enjoy a life of com­fort and finan­cial secu­rity in retire­ment. This book helps you get there.

If you’re rel­a­tively new to the work­force, you’ll learn the impor­tance of sav­ing — and how to do it even if you think you can’t afford to.

If you’re in the mid­dle of your career, with money already accu­mu­lated in your retire­ment account at work as well as in IRAs, you’ll dis­cover how that money should be invested — and how to take max­i­mum advan­tage of your invest­ment options and tax law so you can reach retire­ment as well pre­pared as possible.

And if you are near or in retire­ment, you’ll learn how to posi­tion your retire­ment sav­ings so it can pro­duce income for you — not only for today, but for the rest of your life.

No mat­ter what hap­pens in life, you can still ensure that you enjoy a happy, suc­cess­ful retire­ment, and this book shows you the way — in a breezy, casual style that’s truly fun to read!

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